I will immediately warn you that the material is voluminous and the unprepared reader can be unnecessarily confusing. If you do not want to delve into the subtleties, scroll immediately to the conclusions.


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Carob coffee makers, best espresso machine under 200 or espresso coffee makers (these are all synonyms) are perhaps the largest class of coffee brewing devices. Moreover, it covers the needs of the widest range of users, from beginners who are looking for the most affordable device for making espresso at home, and ending with professionals who buy them purely for commercial purposes.

I’ll explain right away that, unlike the phrase “carob coffee maker”, the term “carob coffee machine” is not so unambiguous. Because I, for example, believe that a “coffee machine” should be able to grind grains during a single brewing cycle, this is one of the main features of a coffee machine. But not a single carob coffee maker can do that. Accordingly, I believe that there can be no carob coffee machines in such terminology at all. But here the problem is, as with capsule ones, the broad masses were led to call professional multi-operator coffee makers exactly carob coffee machines. Okay, let's assume that a carob coffee machine = a professional multi-station carob coffee maker.

For whom are carob coffee makers suitable?

Before a more detailed description, I will put at the beginning the main idea that the reader should be imbued with:

A normal carob coffee maker is narrowly specialized in espresso and espresso-based drinks. That is why they are also called espresso coffee makers.

That is, if you are clearly aware that you prefer Turkish coffee (from Turks or electric Turks), from a geyser or, for example, filtered (as an option, “alternative” brewing), then you basically do not need a carob coffee maker. Attempts to make something close to the above out of the “horn” usually resemble dental treatment through the nose.

On the other hand, for espresso and drinks based on it, a carob-type coffee maker is a necessary and sufficient equipment. Here I leave out coffee machines, because grain machines and competent capsule machines are actually trying to bring the process closer to brewing in a classic cone.

What is a carob coffee maker, types of carob coffee makers
The main sign of any carob coffee maker, SUDDENLY, is the presence of a “horn”. In simple terms, this is a handle, at the end of which there is a round filter holder, where a coffee tablet is placed.

The first and main parameter by which carob coffee makers are divided into subclasses and by which one must choose is the developed pressure and the way to achieve it.

Pressure pump

As I wrote above, this is a vibration pump. Omitting a specific pump model (this is really not so important, in 80% of cases Italian ULKA / CEME is used even on the cheapest coffee makers), the pump can develop a pressure of 15 or 19 bar at its outlet. In 99% of cases, the marketing departments of any manufacturer pass off a 19-horsepower pump as a mega-advantage. In reality, it doesn't mean anything. The pressure for making espresso in the brewing chamber must be 8-9 bar, and it is still reduced to these values ​​in various ways in any espresso machine.