In our country, there is a fairly strong tradition of going out into nature and almost always it is associated with barbecue. Increasingly, such trips take the form of semi-campaigns: a group of friends gets into cars, goes to the shore of some river or lake, sets up tents there and lives in them from two days to a week.


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Someone takes ATVs, motor boats or hydroscooters on such mini-journeys.

In the fresh air, especially after water-entertainment activities, you really want to eat. You can, of course, wander through the forest in the old fashioned way, chop firewood, wait until they burn out and fry a barbecue. But given the increased intensity of trips to such familiar places, it is quite problematic to find firewood in them. Numerous tourists, like forest attendants, clean up the area.

In this context, best gas grills under 500 2022 relieve a lot of the hassle and greatly speeds up the cooking process. And the menu will be more varied than at the stake!

Let's start with the fact that you can boil a kettle on a gas grill, and everyone's favorite barbecue can be cooked right on the grill along with grilled vegetables.

Take with you minced meat, tomatoes, lettuce and a couple of cans of pickled crispy cucumbers. Make juicy patties, assemble burgers (the buns for them are also easy to get now), and you'll have a quick snack for a hungry campaign. And then put a chicken (if the height of the lid allows) or a freshly caught fish in the grill to bake. This, too, will be eaten quickly.

The grill, it would seem, would be small, but there are many recipes for it, and some of them are very refined. The vast majority of recipes are based on available ingredients that are widely used.

Napoleon has two portable grills: TravelQ-285 and TravelQ PRO-285.

Napoleon TravelQ-285 is an updated grill model that runs on a disposable gas cartridge (if you buy a hose with a reducer, you can also connect it to a regular refillable cylinder of any volume). It used to be with a low steel lid, which only allowed you to cook so-called flat ingredients such as steaks, chicken legs, breasts, chopped vegetables, etc. In 2019, an updated version with a high aluminum lid appeared, which expanded the possibilities of grilling.

TravelQ PRO-285 gas grill

Of greater interest to Napoleon is the TravelQ PRO-285 model, as well as its more comfortable modification on a folding stand with wheels and side tables. The grate and burners are the same as the TravelQ-285, but the lid is very tall for a portable grill. This moment opens up much more interesting possibilities. The high cover is good for forming a convection environment. The streams of heat have more space in which they will evenly circulate and act on the ingredients. Under such a lid, you can already put a large piece of meat or a whole chicken to bake.

In addition, it is aluminum, and this metal is famous for its properties of uniform heat distribution. Plus, it holds heat better in the oven. You may think that these are insignificant little things, but they affect the taste and correctness of the preparation of what you will eat.

We have already said that the larger the grill, the more functional it is, since it can use a variety of accessories. So, the Napoleon TravelQ PRO-285 includes a stand for roasting ribs and more or less large pieces of meat. It is installed in an aluminum tray, and everything that will flow out of the meat will not flood the burners, but will remain in the tray, which you then simply throw away. Use a woodchip tube and it will allow you to enhance the flavor of your cooking.

The TravelQ PRO-285 also holds a perforated frying pan, which is very handy for chopped vegetables and seafood; in it you can cook fish steaks or a couple of small sea basses at a time. Or you can fry fish in a clamping net. Or make a juicy salmon fillet on a cedar board or bake a juicy steak a little on a maple board. And on the ceramic stone you can bake something. Well, cast-iron plancha is also very interesting for making pancakes, scrambled eggs with bacon, potatoes and much more.