The speed of operation and power consumption depend on the processor.


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What is the Best Laptop For Working From Home as of 2022?

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The speed of operation and power consumption depend on the processor. If you need a laptop for editing texts or browsing the Internet, then give up the expensive Intel Core i7 model in favor of the budget Core i3 - save up to $200.


RAM is the main parameter for those who work with video and photo editing. For example, for comfortable work with Photoshop, you will need at least 16 GB of “RAM”. The second thing you need to pay attention to is the presence of a slot for additional memory expansion. If there is not enough memory for work, then you can purchase and put another board in the slot.

Type and amount of storage

If you see a laptop with a lot of memory at a low cost, don't rush into buying it. Check the label of the drive: SSD or HDD. HDD is an older generation of hard drives. Their plus is a large volume and low price (~ 3000 rubles per 1TB). Minus - slow speed. SSD is a solid-state drive with high speed, but high cost (~ 7000 rubles for 500 GB). Tests show that reading or writing files in multi-threaded mode on an SSD is on average 90 times higher than on an HDD. Loading the operating system from the SSD drive 00:53 sec, on the HDD up to 4 min.

Acer TravelMate P2

Convenient laptop for remote work. The model features a strict design, the body is straight and thin, the corners are slightly rounded. Cover tilt angle 180 degrees.

Pros and cons

  • Slots are conveniently located
  • The screen allows you to work both in the dark and in bright light
  • Sound with rich bass
  • Comfortable full-size keyboard
  • The touchpad is large and has good sensitivity
  • Upgrade available
  • Movable lid hinges, convenient to change the viewing angle
  • There are RJ-45, VGA and HDMI connectors
  • Large, uncomfortable to carry
  • The speakers are directed downwards. If the laptop is on the table, the sound is muted
  • Sound is distorted at max.
  • Low resolution webcam, but good enough for video conferencing
  • Short autonomy
  • No fast charging feature
  • Flimsy lid, squeezes when pressed
  • No keyboard backlight

If you need a good laptop for work, gaming, listening to music, selfies - this model is not the best choice. But with office tasks, she copes perfectly.

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ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 TP412

Convertible laptop with good performance for remote work. The case is matte, all structural elements are tightly fitted to each other. The lid is durable and pleasant to the touch. The laptop is easy to use. It has a touch screen, you can enter information with a stylus or a finger.

Pros and cons

  • Keyboard full size
  • Convenient slot arrangement
  • Brightness and volume are easy to adjust, no need to hold the fn key at the same time
  • Touchpad sensitive
  • The screen is not noticeable graininess and light
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • The fan is quiet
  • Sound without distortion
  • Some buttons are pressed with more force than others
  • Built-in mouse buttons are not very responsive
  • In bright light, the text on the screen is not readable.
  • Having trouble waking up from sleep
  • Under load, the bottom gets very hot
  • Slow card reader
  • The work surface is quickly covered with fingerprints
  • Bass is almost non-existent

Compact model-transformer with sufficient performance for office tasks. The display is good for working indoors, but it is inconvenient to work with it outdoors in bright light.