Instagram is a rapidly changing social network with unpredictable algorithms. The competition here is huge, but the question of how to promote Instagram to brands and bloggers remains relevant.


Best promotion strategies for your Instagram account Site Wizard
Best promotion strategies for your Instagram account

We tell you what will work and what will not work in 2022: how to promote a blog on Instagram using free and paid promotion methods )including buying free instagram likes).

Before you start promotion

It is useless to start development without a strategy and preparation of the account. Therefore, first format your instagram profile so that the user immediately understands what your account is about and what you offer.

What's important:

  • A title that matches the theme of the account.
  • Your header description: TSR, benefits, name (if it's a personal account).
  • Location, if you run an offline business or work in a specific territory.
  • Link to the site or your other content.
  • Page navigation in actual storis: prices, locations, FAQs, and other information.
  • Clean the account of inactive subscribers if the profile has been maintained for a long time. Subscribers who don't respond in any way to your content are a disservice to promotion.

Example. "Instagram sees: out of 1,000 followers, only 10 are watching your content. The social network realizes that the content is uninteresting and stops showing it. Subscribers alone are not a measure of an account's success, it's the engagement of the audience that matters.

Business account

Switch to a business account to get statistics and analyze the audience's reaction to the content.

Prepare a development strategy. Any promotion is a plan and regularity. One-time actions will not bring results. Define the goals - why you want to promote on Instagram, what you want to get: subscribers, sales, advertisers or something else. Prepare a content plan with regular publications, storis and Reels.

Declare a challenge

Make a reality show and tell how you're trying to promote your Instagram account from scratch. Report back in your posts, involve everyone who wants to help, and promise a grand finale if the endeavor is successful. Let everyone know, "I'm hitting 3,000 in a month!", maybe someone will suggest new ideas. In Instagram Stories, talk about what's happening and involve viewers in the process.

Hold a contest

Give away your product for free or raffle it off for fulfilling conditions. Spread the word about the contest on your pages and let them know that the draw is for subscribers only. You don't have to repost the contest terms. Ask your friends to share the contest on their pages.