As we noted in the post on the differences between gaming and music headphones, the microphone quality of gaming headsets is unpredictable.


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2022 Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under 200 - how to choose?

For example, in reviews of the very popular Razer Kraken, many complain about the microphone, although they praise everything else (especially the sound and comfort when using it). At the same time, the Sven AP-U980MV headset costs several times less, does not have outstanding characteristics, but its microphone transmits the voice very clearly.

Recommended models: from budget to premium

High-quality sound is expensive, although in the case of gaming headphones, audio characteristics are not so important. But many people want to not only play in a gaming headset, but also listen to music. In this case, it is worth looking at models not lower than the middle class. And if you simultaneously need excellent three-dimensional sound, high-quality music playback, and at the same time a wireless connection with an imperceptible delay, then only the flagship versions of the headphones can provide all this at once.

Next, we selected several interesting options to buy the   from budget to premium.

Best Gaming Headset Under 200

Sven AP-U980MV is the most popular budget gaming headset

The Sven AP-U980MV is considered by some to be the best gaming headset on the market. But, like all budget models, it still has drawbacks: the backlight turns off only with the headphones, and the design itself puts pressure on the ears. The latter is critical if you have a large head. The sound in games is clear, with good positioning in space. But, despite the presence of bass, the detail for the music is still insufficient. Although unassuming listeners suit. Nevertheless, this headset is still primarily intended for online battles.

And Sven AP-U980MV will cost quite reasonable $40.

JBL Quantum 400 - a successful entry of the music brand into the gaming market

Last year, JBL also decided to enter the game sound market. Its products are known among music lovers as good quality for a reasonable price (especially among wireless models). In addition to the obligatory surround sound for gaming headphones, the JBL Quantum 400 also has head tracking. And of the useful bonuses, there is active noise cancellation and a switch between Discord and the game (Wikipedia, for instance).