The NLTK library has a built-in stop word list that you can use to remove stop words from text. However, this is not a universal stop word list for any task, we can also create our own set of stop words depending on the scope.


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Deep learning and natural language processing

Deep Learning in NLP

Much of NLP technology is powered by deep learning, a field of machine learning that only began to gain traction at the beginning of this decade.

Most machine learning methods work well because of human-developed representations of data and input features, and optimization of weights to make the final prediction better.

In deep learning, an algorithm tries to automatically extract the best features or representations from raw inputs.

Hand-crafted features are often overly specialized, incomplete, and time-consuming to create and validate. In contrast, the features identified by deep learning are easily adaptable.

Deep Learning offers a flexible, versatile and learnable framework for representing the world in both visual and linguistic terms. Initially, this led to breakthroughs in the areas of speech recognition and computer vision. These models are often trained using one common algorithm and do not require traditional construction of features for a specific task, like word translator doctranslator.