The main task of the specialists performing the installation of electrical wiring is to ensure the safety


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When performing electrical work, technical measures are taken...

It is impossible to imagine modern life or production without  electricity. It is used both for lighting and for the operation of various kinds of devices, ventilation and air conditioning systems, heating, communications, etc. - but electrician London price may vary.

Electrical work that electrician London perform is understood as a complex of construction work carried out during new construction, or modernization and reconstruction of buildings and structures for various purposes, and involving the installation of electrical networks of electrical equipment. Such works include laying of external and internal networks, installation of starting and protective equipment, installation of electrical panels, boxes, electric lighting. Regulator defines electrical work as the installation of electrical products or their components that have current-carrying elements.

The purpose of electrical installation is to connect consumers to electricity sources, from the installation of outlets to the provision of an uninterruptible power supply system for the entire facility. The quality and timing of electrical work directly depends on the skills of the team of specialists.

In the process of performing electrical work, performers (electrical installation organizations, etc.) face such complex tasks as automating work processes or installing electrics in complex production chains.

Electrical work must be carried out taking into account a number of standards, such as - Rules for the installation of power supply (PUE), Building codes and regulations (SNiP), instructions of manufacturers of electrical equipment.


The main task of the specialists performing the installation of electrical wiring is to ensure the safety, reliability and compliance of the power supply system with the required level of energy consumption. Incorrectly performed electrical work significantly increases the risk of accidents, posing a threat to material property, life and health of people around. So, in industrial facilities that have the highest equipment power, cables should be laid with an increased margin of bandwidth, providing the best level of reliability Wiki for reference.

When performing electrical work, technical measures are taken to ensure the safety of work, in accordance with applicable standards.