The French Bulldog dog breed, despite its name, originated in England in the 17th century. These dogs were especially popular in the city of Nottingham and, more importantly, there were many lacemakers living in this city. When there was a great demand for lace in France, there was a whole wave of emigration and therefore the artisans of Nottingham were among those who went to France in search of a better life and new opportunities.


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French bulldog breed

The French Bulldog breed is a small dog with medium-sized paws with relief muscles, and a short tail, naturally irregularly curved. The body is square, the head is round, the muzzle is flattened, the ears are long, but erect. The chest is wide and deep. May have a color: white-brindle, brindle, white-fawn, (spotted), fawn. All other colors are considered the so-called "breed marriage" and are not recognized by the official cynological federations. Although the cream color is very common in the US, it is not actually recognized by the European Kennel Federation breed standards either.

Predisposition to disease

Health problems specific to the French Bulldog breed include the following:

Diseases affecting the respiratory system. The flat muzzle of Frenchies exposes them to the development of serious airway abnormalities. Fortunately, with timely contact with the veterinarian, such deviations are successfully treated.

Diseases affecting the heart. A common congenital disease in the French is pulmonary stenosis. In addition to it, the breed is prone to other malformations of the heart.

Eye diseases. Conjunctivitis and entropion are common. As a rule, they are inherited by the French pet.

Deviations in the development of the spine. Spina bifida and herniated discs are common.

Intolerance to intense heat and heat. Frenchies, like other breeds with brachycephaly, suffer greatly during the hot season. They can't control their own temperature. Heatstroke can kill a pet. Therefore, in no case should you leave the dog in a closed, unventilated place. Even if the air temperature is relatively low.

Cold intolerance. Bulldogs do not have an undercoat, so they freeze quickly. Some useful info can be found here french bulldog puppys.