An online betting website is a platform where players try to predict sports results and bet on the outcome.


Launching your own online betting business Site Wizard
The good thing about a betting strategy is that you do virtually nothing.

If you want to open a virtual betting company on the Internet, then the best and most reliable solution would be to make a site for a betting company on Joomla with a program for online betting used by Betting Sites in India. More than half of the participants make bets only on the Internet, and more than 95% of active players are concentrated there.

Betting strategy

The good thing about a betting strategy is that you do virtually nothing. Personally, I wrote it once and just got paid and sent it out to customers. The average price is $1000, but depending on the price you can play with the price.

The strategy can be rewritten or written by yourself, look on the internet, there are many different ones, try to make something really good, and there will be sales. For example, the site Vprognoz very, very many strategies: you can rewrite a more beautiful text, and get a good deal, but personally I would recommend to write something of their own. If you think about it, here too, leave guarantees, describe the strategy and show some screenshots, without giving away the whole essence of the strategy in public.

Express bet

Let me make it clear, I usually place bets with odds 1.80-2.10, but in this case you can consider express betting with odds 3. It's rare to do so, just on football or sports days when there is a lot of action. You should also keep separate stats for these express bets. It should be two or three times the price of a single prediction on your site. Not much of a necessary page, but someone might find it useful and I couldn't get past it. But I personally do not have such a service on my site, I limited myself to others.

A line is a set of events with a large number of outcomes that can be bet on in a bookmaker's office. The quality and parameters of the betting line determine both the popularity among the players of the bookmaker's office and its success - its ability to bring profit to the owner of the bookmaker's office. The odds of almost all events in betting shops may vary by 0.1-0.3, and sometimes even by 0.5 or more.

This phenomenon is referred to by bettors as betting line movement. It is very difficult to catch such movements on your own, today there are special services on the Internet that monitor and scan online betting lines, for example, Such services provide archives of betting lines for analysis. Ideally, a betting office should calculate its own betting line and offer it in a way that makes players interested and betting. To make your office more attractive for the players, the owner must first pay attention to the line - to make high odds, increase the betting line-up for all the matches, make it as convenient and clear as possible. In order to fill the line with the odds, the bookmaker's analysts analyse all the future matches and determine the strength of the teams, and then give their quotes on the match a few days before the event. In practice, most bookmakers simply rewrite each other's lines, some bookmakers' lines are offered for rent.

The margin

The margin is the difference that the bookmaker leaves from the percentage of probability of the event outcome. In different betting shops the margin can be between 5% and 20%, depending on the popularity and business strategy of the betting shop. The bookmaker's margin can be calculated using the formula: (100/К1+100/Кх+100/К2)-100=М, where:

  • k2 - odds on guests' victory;
  • kХ - odds on a draw;
  • k1 - odds on the victory of the home team;
  • M - bookmaker's margin.

A single bet. It is the most popular type of betting in bookmakers' offices. Single bets include the usual bets on the outcome of the event, double odds, handicap, Asian handicap, total, time/match. The win of a single bet is equal to the product of the bet amount by the odds.

The spread is an additional betting option for secondary outcomes of a sporting event.

Betting is an agreement made between the Bookmaker and the Player on the outcome(s) of one or more events. When making a bet, the parties are obliged: the Gambler will select the betting conditions from the ones offered by the Bookmaker and place a stake, the Bookmaker will pay out the winnings to the Player, which are equal to the product of the stake of the Player and the final winning odd of the event(s) if the Player's prediction will be correct and the bet of the Player will not fall under the betting refund conditions.


System is a set (combination) of several expresses on less number of events (on one or several events). A system of bets combines several selections and/or combinations of selections. If all selections win, all bets in the system win. The total system winnings are based on the total of the selections in the system. The most commonly used betting systems are: 2 out of 3, 3 out of 4 and 4 out of 5. The first number denotes how many events are in a Parlay, the second the number of Parlays in the system.

Betting is money which is transferred by the client to the bookmaker's office and serves as a condition of participation in the bet in accordance with betting rules. Our software allows you to create a virtual totalizator on the Internet and earn money on online bookmaker bets and forecasts.

Total in bookmakers' bets is a strategy for betting on the total number of: goals, points, games scored jointly or individually by each of the parties in a sporting event. So, total in football is the number of goals in a match, total in basketball is the sum of points, total in tennis is games played, etc. There are two types of totals in sports betting:

  • Total more (Tb), spelled "Over" in English-speaking bookies;
  • Total less (Tm), in English-speaking shops is spelled "Under".

The favourite is the team with the better chance of winning in relation to the opposing team. This opinion is based on the general opinion of the players or the bookmaker.


Handicap is the initial advantage given to one of the participants in the match. Usually a handicap with a minus is given to a favourite and a handicap with a plus to an underdog. Handicaps are expressed by adding or subtracting: goals, points, seconds, sets, etc. It is done by the bookmaker's office in order to optimize the betting line-up. 


Parlay is a type of bet on several outcomes of different events (not related to each other). The winning of a Parlay is calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the number obtained by multiplying the odds of all outcomes of the bet (final odd). Thus the possible profit of a Parlay is greater than that of a single bet of the same amount.