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Everything you wanted to know about Peyton List streamer and model

Peyton List is a popular American actress who got her celebrity after playing roles in many Disney films. Her life is already full of many interesting events. For example: very often the name of a girl makes her find herself in ambiguous situations, because she has a complete namesake who also lives in the circles of the world of cinema.

One of the youngest and most sought-after Disney stars is Peyton List. It was she who played in "Jesse", playing the role of Emma Ross, and she can be seen in the film "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" as Holly Hills.


The girl was born in the United States, in Florida. It was 1998. She celebrates her birthday on April 6th. Already at the age of 4 she made her first move. Together with her extended family, she moved to New York. In their family, Peyton was not the only child. She also has a twin brother, whose name is Spencer, and another brother who is a little younger than them, Phoenix. Today, each of the members of this family has taken its place on the Olympus of glory. The brothers work as actors and models.

Leaf lives in California, more specifically in Los Angeles. She, like all ordinary children, studied at the unremarkable Carroll School, and then entered the Oak Park School, where she later received a diploma of secondary education.


From an early age, the girl began to appear on the big screens. She also actively starred for magazines and various publications, which were always happy to cooperate with such a young and talented person. Peyton, along with her brother Spencer, participated in many advertising projects of various kinds. Her first pictures were published by Back to School magazine in 2009. Then there was Justice magazine, in 2011 and a special issue of one of the most popular publications - American Girl.

Very often, the girl was asked about what an inexperienced person needs to know in order to achieve such success in a modeling career, and she answered:

- Most importantly, you should understand that it's not only beautiful costumes and a smile. This is hard work. Therefore, one should be prepared for everything, a person who can fully account for his actions and take responsibility.

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One of the notable roles of young Peyton was the image of a girl who haunts the little sister of the guy played by Robert Pattinson in the film Remember Me. After working on this film, the girl ends up on the set of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. And then to the shooting of "The Wall with Secrets", where Jerry Ryan takes an active part.

The role of Holly Hills did not let go of Peyton for a long time. She starred in the second and third parts of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" storyline.

2011 brought the actress one of her most popular roles in the Jessie series - Emma Ross. The girl played the role of the oldest child in the family, who still had several brothers and sisters. An 18-year-old girl, who is their nanny, tried to keep a close eye on all of them. On the set of this picture, Peyton again met her partner in the pictures of the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid - Karan Brar.

Then List also continued her collaboration with the famous film studio. She starred in the films: "Summer Camp" and "Exchange", the TV series "Jessie" and other projects. Her great merit was getting the lead role in the film "The Thinning" and the subsequent film "Outskirts", with her participation.


One of the girl's favorite activities is participation in the Disney Channel Circle of Stars. This group became famous thanks to their bright cover versions of various Disney compositions. Previously, Hilary Duff and many other popular actresses performed here.

List's amazing performance was performing hits with Ingrid Mikaelson at her own concert.

And again, when Peyton is asked for some advice to try to achieve her success, the girl replies:

“Experience is the most important thing. Practice in everything, everywhere and always. Participate in school productions or go on big stages and showcase yourself. This will help you become more confident and you will understand how the world works behind the scenes.

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In the world of cinema, there is another popular actress who goes by the name of Peyton List. She is a native of Boston and is the full namesake of our heroine. To avoid confusion, on Access Hollywood, young Peyton stated that she would use the following spelling of her name: Peyton R. List.

Screen Actors Guild policy asks to avoid such situations so that various embarrassments do not occur, and it would be clear which artist is being discussed.

The most famous situation with these two girls was their stay in the same hotel. Every morning they both received messages about filming and calls to the set, but all these calls did not concern both of them at the same time.

Another source of confusion was IndieWire, which began the pages of both actresses with the words "Peyton List is an American actress and model."