In the course of link building, a specialist painstakingly builds a link profile of a site, seeking to place links to it on high-quality resources recognized by search engines.


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Link building is often confused with buying links, but these are different processes

The result of a well-done link building is an increase in traffic, an increase in the number of transitions to the site and an increase in the reputation of the resource that is being linked to, as these SEO eBooks state.

Link building differs from the mass purchase of links in the same way as buying washed potatoes one by one in a supermarket from buying the same potatoes in bags. No matter how attentive and careful the buyer is, there will still be a lot of low-quality and rotten root crops in the bags. The same can be said for links. If you buy a link mass, then it will definitely contain unnatural links, links from spam resources or prohibited sites. That being said, it cannot be said that link building does not at all recognize link buying. This method also has a right to exist within the framework of link building, but at the same time, each purchased link is carefully checked.

Who is a link builder

The link builder is engaged in the construction of the link profile of the site (that is, the link building). A link builder is not just a person who will post links to your site on third-party resources. This is a specialist who knows very well which link will be beneficial and which one is harmful. The main goal of his work is to get a link from a reliable Internet resource, one that will give both traffic and orders. There are several main sources that link builders use, but you should not think that it is enough to go to them, leave a link there and wait for the results.

Search engines are constantly changing and improving, so link building is in many ways a creative business and requires a good understanding of all the features of SEO and special knowledge from the performer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Link Building

From the above, both the pros and cons of this SEO promotion method are clearly visible. The main advantage of digital marketing book is that it gives a reliable, long-term effect. The traffic on the site is growing, the position of the resource is increasing and it remains in the TOP for a long time. In addition, link building may not require a large budget if the strategy does not provide for the bulk purchase of links, so by and large, you will have to pay for the work of a promotion specialist and take care of quality content.

The main disadvantage of link building is that it takes time. This is both the time the link builder will spend on posting links, and the time it will take for the links to start working in full force. Manual link building (that is, the one without "wholesale" buying of the link mass) takes a lot of time and does not work well in niches with a high level of competition.

This promotion method also has a serious risk. If the strategy and the site are chosen incorrectly, if the purchased link ends up on a spam resource, your site may fall under the filters of search engines, and you will spend a lot of effort and money to fix the situation. That is why it is worth giving preference to experienced professionals with a good portfolio.

Link building, according to any SEO textbook, does an excellent job of naturally building link mass and, when used correctly, gives great results on a small budget. Work with experienced professionals, choose reliable sites, and the results will not be long in coming.