To get to the Interesting section on Instagram, it is enough to ask/buy likes from a large account.


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It all started with the fact that for three years I constantly heard the same thing.

Spoiler: It really works. A month ago, I decided to test it on a working account, found admins and agreed that they would like me on my new posts. This article is a quick guide to what came out of it.

What is the "Interesting" section on Instagram?

Each user has his own, he adapts to the interests of the person and shows more often what he likes, what he watches. I started looking for admins in the most banal way. I opened the "Interesting" section, opened the video, if I saw that there were a lot of likes from large publics, then I wrote to these admins in Direct.

As a result, I sent 20 messages to different publics, 5 admins answered and confirmed that there was a general chat.

As a result, we agreed with one admin that I would join this chat.

That is, I can throw 1 post a day and likes will go to it. All contact is with one person, and then he himself is thrown into the admin chat.

When I post, I send the link to one of the WhatsApp admins.

Responds promptly and within 1-2 minutes, large publics begin to like the post.

Throughout the day, likes are received from large accounts and the entry begins to appear in the "Interesting" section.

What results did you get?

  • Published video content.
  • Everything works incrementally, so the important point that I understood is to consistently make content.
  • Publish a post every other day and get likes.

Before the likes, my posts did not fall into the Interesting section.

  • The first post that started to be liked got into the Interesting section and got 245 views.
  • The second post has already gained 402 views, that is, I did x2.
  • The third post got 714 views, also almost x2.
  • The third post with likes also got into the Interesting section and has already gained 1480 views. That is, conditionally free coverage of a new audience.

And each subsequent post makes x2 in views, which is also pleasing.